How to hack my wife’s phone without her knowing.

One of the most popular hacking related web searches today is how can I spy on, track or hack my wife’s phone without her knowing. The popularity of this internet search, “how can I spy on my wife’s phone” is not surprising given the fact that fears and suspicions of spousal infidelity are one of the major problems confronting marriages. In fact, data and statistics on failed marriages and divorce are staggering and one of the reasons why most marriages fail, range from irreconcilable differences to spousal infidelity, thereby necessitating men to enquire about how to hack their wife’s phone without her knowing.

Suspicions of infidelity erode trust and might ultimately lead to the breakdown of the union. It is often said that once you start seeing signs that your spouse might be cheating, there is a high chance you might be right. All it takes at times is that gut instinct that something is not right. But you know what, suspicions are just that, it means nothing without concrete proof and confronting your spouse without any proof might actually make things worse because you might be reading them wrong.  So what do you do to find concrete proof for your suspicions? There is no better way than to looking for a way to hack her phone.

How Can I Hack My Wife’s Phone without Her Knowing?

This is where spying on your wife’s or husband’s phone comes in. We frankly disagree with people who would say that if you can’t trust someone, then you should leave the person. It is normal to have trust issues and it would be very unrealistic to leave someone only because you have trust issues, and neither is it easy to give up on someone we love so easily.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational purposes only, we do not sanction any malicious use of the information contained in this article.

There are several ways you can spy on your wife’s phone, one of which is using a phone monitoring or cell phone spy app. In this article, we will be looking at how you can track your wife’s phone from two broad categories, those requiring physical access to spy on the target device and those that do not require having physical access to spy on someone’s phone. You can find a similar article that provides information on how to hack your husband’s phone here.

How Can I Spy on My Wife’s Phone when I have Access to It?

This category requires you to have physical access in order to hack your wife’s phone. It is best suited for people that have physical access to their wife’s device as it often requires physically installing a spyware on your wife’s phone. Once installed, you will be able to monitor your wife’s day to day activities.

How Can I Spy on My Wife Phone without having Access to It?

This category does not require having physical access to your wife’s phone, and it is the category where most people fall in. In most cases, if we had physical access to the target’s device, we would not need the services of a phone monitoring app. It is the lack of physical access to one’s wife’s phone that necessitates using these cell monitoring apps in the first place. This method is the most sought after because of its ease of accessibility. You would have to know the target’s iCloud login for iOS users. In cases where the aforementioned is not known, you would need the assistance of the software company in setting up and installing the app or the assistance of someone that is very knowledgeable in this area.

One thing both categories have in common is that they are both intended for the same purpose even though what is required to make them work is different. Having successfully installed a good phone monitoring app using any of the aforementioned ways, you should expect to have access to the following: Access to wife’s social media accounts. With this software, you can easily spy on your wife’s social media messages. The following social media accounts can be accessed easily using a good and reliable spy app.

Hack my wife’s phone with facebook spy.

It is widely known that Facebook is the most used social media platform in the world. With cell phone monitoring software, you can monitor your wife’s Facebook account, thereby monitoring all conversations without the target’s consent. By having access to your wife’s conversations via these cell phone spy apps, you will be able to spot conversations that might offer clues or proof of spousal infidelity.

How to spy on my wife with instagram Hack

These apps can also help you monitor your wife’s Instagram account. Instagram is one of the most widely used social media platform today allowing users to share pictures and videos with their friends and the general public.

Twitter hack

Access to your wife’s twitter account might also be of interest to anyone looking for proof of spousal infidelity.

Hacking my wife’s whatsapp messages remotely

It is not misleading to say that Whatsapp is the most downloaded and used instant messaging app in the world. It has continued to grow its user base despite the introduction of other messaging apps.

Viber hack

This app is another widely used social media application. A good spy app will give you access to your wife’s or husband’s Viber messages. With this, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing messages as well as audio and video messages.

There are other social media platforms which we did not mention. The fact that they were not mentioned doesn’t mean it is inaccessible by these apps.

Access to Emails

These apps are also capable of giving you access to the target’s incoming and outgoing mails.

Tracking of  wife’s Call Logs

Another benefit of these apps is that with it, you can monitor all incoming and outgoing calls. With this feature, you will be able to listen to live and recorded calls on a daily basis.


This feature works by recording all the keypad buttons pressed by the target. With this brilliant feature, you can have access to the user names and passwords used for other platforms and applications.

How Can I Track my Girlfriend’s Phone Location?

With these apps, such as Mspy, Highster Mobile and Spyzie to name a few, you can easily monitor or track your girlfriend or wife’s location thereby knowing wherever she goes. Although spying on one’s wife may be wrong in a way, one cannot overemphasize the devastation which not knowing the truth at the right time can cause.

Infidelity is not something peculiar to only men or women as both sexes have an equal tendency to cheat in a relationship or union. It does not even matter if you are very pretty or handsome or you have a good dress sense. You might even be so rich as to have the means to give your wife all the good things of life and expensive vacations. That does not in any way stop whoever wants to cheat from cheating. To be on the safer side, it might be necessary you know what your wife is up to, who they are talking to and the kind of conversations they are having.

Taping girlfriend phone

In an instance where you are unable to find any proof of spousal infidelity, trust will be restored and the spouses will live together happily. On the other hand, finding concrete proof of infidelity will lead to a serious breakdown of trust and might even lead to a divorce.

There are a lot of apps that can help you to spy on your wife. You may be required to pay for a subscription plan to use some of these apps, especially the very good ones. Intending users can visit the official websites of the apps listed below to help them decide on the one that is best suited to spying on their wife’s messages.

Hack my wife’s phone using The Truthspy

Track my wife using Flexispy

spy on my wife with Spyera

Track my wife’s phone with Highster Mobile

Intercept my wife’s messages with Guestspy

Track my wife’s phone using Spyzie

Monitor my wife’s phone with fonemonitor


Hacking has never been easier in this age. With the fact that this instant messaging app has come out as a clear people’s favorite due to its free feature and ease-of-use makes it a very volatile platform to be on. Given the levels people go to in order to secure their phone from hacking, it is still easy to gain unauthorized access to your kids, spouse or employee’s Whatsapp messages.

Is it right? Well, that is left for you to decide.  If you are curious on how you can be aware of the activities of your wife, kids or employees by just their Whatsapp phone number, then there is a simple trick to doing this. By just knowing their functioning Whatsapp phone number you can have access to their chat threads, videos, images and a whole lot of information for the next 30 days. Although you may not enjoy the advantage of retrieving already deleted messages, what you find may still be of use to you.

This method is time-bound and gives you information for the past 30 days and no more.

Here’s a simple trick you can use to spy on someone’s whatsapp messages with just their phone number.

  • Go to your phone’s app store and download Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool 2016
  • Install the app and input the phone number you wish to hack
  • Wait for 3 minutes for the hacking to be processed and then click on ‘Verify option’ thereafter.
  • All you need to do is sit back and have a fill of their chat threads, images, videos and every information you need to harvest for the next 30 days.


Keeping a close watch on your wife can be difficult if you do not know how to do so. The best method is for you to sign up with a cell phone monitoring software provider if you are not able to physically handle her phone. Once you choose a subscription plan, you can remotely read and monitor her text messages. Spyzie, Flexispy, Mspy, KidsGuard, Highster Mobile are some monitoring solutions you should consider when looking for a spying app.

For iOS users, you do not have to go through the rigors of installing any software on the target device. All you need is her Apple ID and password. Once you can grab this, just log into the online control dashboard of your preferred spy app and fill in their details. This automatically grants you unrestricted access to her SMS, messages (both online and offline), multimedia, call logs, contact book and a whole lot of data.

You can also spy on her social media accounts with Facebook Spy, Whatsapp Hack, Twitter Spy, Instagram Hack and any other social platform she may be on.

And all this will be done without her knowing that she is being monitored. And you get to do this from the comfort of your home. You can also retrieve previously deleted messages if she is fond of deleting them once she reads through them.


The amazing thing about the world we live in nowadays is our ability to gain information on-the-spot. Most people are walking bags of data. We go around every day with our smartphones containing information that tells a lot about who we are and what we hold dear.

We are deceived by all the security and privacy hype of how smartphones are better secured with every new one that drops into the market. But I can guarantee you that we are as vulnerable as we ever were. With advanced security has come advanced tracking and monitoring solutions. It has become almost a toddler’s home assignment to be able to track and gather information on whoever and whatever might interest us. All this is done without the victim being aware of being monitored. Although most of the time the information gained is used for malicious intent, our article is not meant for this purpose but to shed light on what you need to know.

Tracking my wife’s phone remotely

Tracking a smartphone in this our generation is almost a child’s play as it has become far easier to do so. Just Google search spy apps and you will be bombarded by millions of results. If you are a busy man and have no time to sieve through the myriad of monitoring solutions out there, we have got you covered.

We will quickly highlight some tracking solutions that we believe will give you value for your money. Every single one of the spy solutions we have here offer the same standard monitoring solution so you can rest assured that any one you choose will do the trick. We begin with Spyzie, Xnspy, Mspy, Hoghster Mobile, Underspy, KidsGuard, Flexispy and a couple of others.

All this offer advanced tracking services so even if the GPS settings of a target device is not working properly, you can still be able to keep tabs on the victim phone. So it will show you the browsing history, location history for a selected period, call logs, incoming and sent messages, videos, audios, even social media spying tools are available on this platform. You get to recall even previously deleted messages and have complete access to the target phone.  You get to monitor your wife’s phone calls and messages from anywhere you are in the world and anytime you want to.

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