How To Catch A Cheating Partner

How To Catch A Cheating Partner

Is he lurking off in the middle of the night while you’re asleep? Or is she hiding her phone from you constantly? How to catch a cheating partner is all about watching out for these signs and the other things they could possibly be hiding. 

Apart from the obvious signs, there is so much more that they give away even when they’re trying hard to cover their tracks. Knowing how to catch a cheating partner means you should be alert and be able to pick up on anything that is new about them. Sudden change in habits, a new work schedule or even a new scent. These are signs you cannot ignore. 

Catch A Cheating Partner – Tricks To Help You 

To catch a cheating partner is really no biggie especially in this day and age with technology at your fingertips. Moreover, cheaters usually carry around a sense of cheating guilt with them which is easy to pick up on. If you know your partner well enough, you will see right through it. 

We have your back. Whether you want to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook or find out if your spouse is cheating for free, there are a host of tools and tricks that you can you to your advantage. 

We bring you 9 such tricks that present the perfect answer to how to catch a cheating partner:

1. Keep an eye on their Devices.

A cheating spouse or partner will be very conscious of what is on their phone. They will never just hand it to you or allow you to look through it. If they are suddenly overprotective of their phone and that is out of character for them, you already have your first sign. 

Moreover, you need to watch out for their push notifications to catch cheaters texting. Any recurring text messages or calls from a new contact names could be a key clue. If they have removed their push notifications completely that is a sign your husband is talking to another woman. It means they are definitely hiding something from you. 

2. Use Find My Iphone to track their whereabouts

Thank Apple for this service. The answer to how to catch a cheating partner just became much easier. If you want to catch cheaters on iPhone and know their whereabouts, this feature comes to your rescue.

This location technology helps you find out where a person is at all times. Make sure that it is turned on. If your partner hasn’t left it on, you can either snoop onto his phone and switch it on or make an excuse to get them to do it. 

3. Dig into their Google Chrome passwords 

It may not be easy to access your partner’s phone if they are cheating on you. However, you can then turn to their computer instead. Do you want find out if your partner is cheating online? Say that your laptop is down and you need to send an urgent email or something to that effect so that they cannot say no. 

Then swiftly go into their Google Chrome passwords which is basically a host of saved passwords to their accounts everywhere. Now, you can also check what sites they regularly visit that require their passcode. Check for any dating sites that they may have frequented and you can obtain passwords to all of them with a few clicks! 

4. Search for unusual information 

This may take a while and a lot of attentive effort but is a good trick for how to catch a cheating partner. To find out if your spouse is cheating for free, you will have to search for various apps on their devices to know what they are accessing. Some of these apps seem harmless but your partner could be cheating on them. 

Even a harmless app like Discord needs to be combed through because your partner may be doing all their interactions with their other girlfriend there. To check their digital tracks, you should also dig deeper for hookup or dating apps like Tinder or so. Use google search to see what keywords show up and you’ll know what they are looking for. 

5. Create a Cat Fish profile 

This is cat fishing but with the right intentions in mind. If you know your partner has philandering tendencies, give them a bait and see if they bite. To catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook, create a fake Facebook profile yourself. 

Pretend to be someone else, entice him into a conversation and catch him red handed if he flirts back with you. It is as simple as that. He knows there is plenty of fish in the sea but will not see it coming that one of them could be you! 

How to catch a cheating partner is simple as long as you follow these steps. But only go to these lengths if you really have a strong basis for your belief. You do not want to unnecessarily be lurking when they have nothing to hide and make them feel ashamed for no reason. Think about it, and go for it. 

6. Spyware apps are on your side.

Yes, this may be a little extreme but if your suspicion has good reason already, then you should definitely consider this. Many spyware apps can be downloaded and installed on your cheating partner’s computer. To catch a cheating wife and check her online activities, you can download apps such as Keyloggers. 

This app records all information that is being processed on a computer while it is on. What a person is watching, what apps they’re using – all such information is recorded. Even the emails they send are all recorded and satin wrapped perfectly for you.  If you need any of these applications click on this link.

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